How to customise Report Templates

This article describes how to Customise Report Templates from Report Template Screen.

Before You Start

The report in TEAMS will be generated and opened in either MS Word or MS Excel depending on the report. For MS Word reports it is assumed that they are third party style letters such as Offer Letter, Acceptance or Welcome Letter, Certificates, Testamurs, Record of Results and Statement of Attainment style reports that you will hand out to a student, agent, employer etc.

With this in mind that is why they open in MS Word so you can have the ability to customise the report template to add your logos, remove merge fields you don’t want, add watermarks, electronic signatures etc.

This post explains mainly how to customise the MS Word report templates because for MS Excel reports, they are more listing and calculation reports that you will do the formatting of after it is generated and more than likely you will not hand them out to a third party.

Customise Report Templates

Step 1: Go to TEAMS > Setup > Organisation > Report Template Screen


Step 2: Select the Report lookup icon.


If you know the name of the report then you can search for the report by entering the name in the search field at the top of the Lookup. Once you have entered the name of the report select the Listing button and the results will appear in a list below.

report-template-lookup-searchSelect the report you would like to customise by selecting the name of the report. This will refresh the Report Template screen to have the report name in the Report field and have an Original Template link.


Step 3: To download the original report template select the Original Template hyperlink.

When you select this hyperlink, a new screen will open with a file download message asking if you want to Open or Save the File. It is recommended that you always save a copy of the Original Template for future reference.


Step 4: Once you have downloaded the document you will be able to customise the document. You can customise the reports for either an Organisation or a Campus. If you create an Organisation report and upload it for the Organisation you will be able to use this report doesn’t matter with which Campus you are logging in as. If you have multiple campuses and you want to use a different template per campus then you should create a different copy of the templates for each Campus with the specific campus information. Then, you need to upload the templates at a Campus level instead of an Organisation level.

There are a number of things you must be aware of before you start to customise the document:

a) You cannot add your own merge fields. The merge fields are the fields that are in the {}. You can only copy paste the existing merge fields which are present in TEAMS original template. Few examples are shown below:-


b) You can move the merge fields around in the document to where you need them to be placed. The only place you cannot move these to is the header/footers. If you move these to the header/footer they will not be merged upon generation.

c) If you see a table(s) in the report you must not change/remove any cells in this table. The table must remain as it is shown in the report template. Once the cells are moved or changed the report will not print out correctly.

report-template-tablesIf you do not want to use a table or a column, you can hide the table by reducing its font size to 1, font color and text color to white and change table border to No Borders from the below highlighted options in Microsoft Word.


Step 5: Once you have customised your templates you need to save them as a .dot file (Word Template).

Step 6: Once you have saved your file you need to upload it on the same screen by  following the below steps:

a) If you have created a report for the Organisation then select the Upload button next to the Organisation Template field.


b) If you have created a report for the specific Campus then select the Campus from the drop down box and select the Upload button from the Template File field. Select the Default tick-box if it will be used as the default template for the Campus then select the Add button and click Save Entry.


Still having trouble?

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