New Report – NSW Apprenticeship Traineeship – Training Plan


A new report by the name of NSW Apprenticeship Trainee ship – Training Plan report has been created which displays the training plan information for apprenticeship and trainee ship students. This report is only specific to NSW RTO’s as it has been created according to NSW requirements. This report can be generated from Enrolment Center > Reports Menu.

Following is the original report template of this new report which will print the data by default.

Following is the detailed explanation of Merge Fields present in this report and from which screens/fields, these merge fields pick up the data:-

Also, following are the fields which will not be printed automatically while generating this report but an RTO has to enter data manually once the report is generated:-

  • Training Modes #

  • SBAT HSC Prog

  • Responsibility for Training

  • Employer confirmation of competence (signature)

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