Trainer’s Portal – New Bulk Result Screen

A new screen has been added in the Trainer’s Portal by using which a user can mark Module Results and Assessment Task Results in bulk.

 In this new screen, a user can select a Module by typing the name or the module code in the ‘Select Module’ search field. Then, the ‘Student Status’ can be selected i.e. whether you wish to mark the results for Current, Yet to Start or Finished enrolments. Once these parameters are selected, press the GO button and the system will look for the enrolments which satisfy both the parameters.

If there are assessment tasks linked to the enrolments for the selected module, then all those enrolments will load in the bottom section of the screen from where a user can mark results. There is no SAVE button in Assessment Task Result Marking section as this is an auto save section.

If there are no assessment tasks linked to the enrolment, then the enrolments will load in the upper section i.e. the module section of the screen, so that a user can mark module results for enrolments in bulk. A save button will appear in front of every entry so that the result can be saved upon entering.

Still having trouble?

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