Groups Entry


In TEAMS every screen has at least one permission linked to it to enable a user to see it.

For most data entry screens there will be a set of four permissions:

1. Available
2. Add New Entry
3. Modify Entry
4. Delete Entry

Other screens throughout TEAMS will have a variation of the above four basic functions and may have an extra option in some screens such as Edit Enrolment Fees in the Enrolment Wizard. This will allow you to edit the enrolment fees.

For every user they are linked to a set of permissions that will identify what they are allowed to see, change and delete in TEAMS. While all our screens are set to at least 1 permission there are only a handful of fields that are permission based. Because of the size of the product and the amount of screens/reports that are available it is time consuming to setup permissions for every person individually.

An alternative to setting up permissions to users individually is to setup a Group that many users will be attached to. They will then inherit the basic permissions. You can add extra permissions if the user should be the only person in their group to be able to do extra functions. You cannot however remove permissions from just one person attached to the group, only add extra’s on.

The recommended process to enter User’s permissions is:

1. Create the Group

2. Create the Group Permissions
3. Create the User and link the group to the user
4. Add any extra permissions to the Users.

By creating a group if you get extra staff you then only have to link them to an existing group instead of having to create all their permissions again. You can then add any extra permissions you want the user to have to the User Permissions level.

The first step in creating groups before even entering information into TEAMS is to create a list of groups and have an understanding of the types of screens they would need access to. Then you can take this information and easily enter it into TEAMS without questioning along the way and only getting half way through setting up permissions.

How to:

Step 1:
Enter the Group Code and Group Name and select the tick boxes if you want the whole group to be able to see all Leads & Prospects and All Actions. It is suggested only Managers have these options.

You can add these options to only specific User’s in the group also. In this case you would not select any of the tick boxes.

You can also only allow the Group to see one or two other Group’s Leads & Prospects and Actions instead of allowing them to see EVERYONE’S information. In this case you would not select any of the tick boxes and you would enter this information on the Sharing tab.

Step 2: Enter any notes for the Group.

Step 3: If you have decided to allow the group to see SOME group’s Leads & Prospects and/or Actions go to the sharing tab.

Select Group Name you want them to be able to see from the Group Name drop down box. You must have already setup the Group for the name to appear in this list. Select the Sharing Item you want the group to see ie Leads & Prospects or Actions and select the Add button to add the information to the grid.

Continue to select a Group Name and Sharing Item until you have allocated all sharing permissions. Don’t forget to select the SAVE ENTRY icon in the top left hand corner of the screen to SAVE what you have just entered. If you close out of the screen before selecting SAVE ENTRY your entry will NOT be saved. Also, to create a new entry you MUST select the NEW ENTRY icon in the top left hand corner of the screen so the screen can be refreshed and ready for the next entry. If you leave your current information in the screen and type over it you are MODIFYING the entry.