How Do I Setup An Employer


If you wish to link an Employer to a student then you need to setup Employers in TEAMS. This is where you enter all relevant information for an Employer.

If you are converting a Prospect Employer to an Employer the prospect information will automatically be entered into this screen for you.


The information entered within the Employer screen will affect different areas of the program. Below are examples of where the program will use the information:

  • Student Details
  • Student Reports

How to:

Step 1: Open the Employer screen.

Step 2: This is where you enter the primary information for an Employer. If you wish to enter Overseas Information for an Employer you will need to select the tick box for Overseas and the Overseas tab will then become active.

Step 3: Go to the Address tab to enter the address information for an Employer. If the local address and mailing address are the same you can select the Copy Address tick box next to the Mailing Address field and this will copy the local address into the mailing address fields.

Step 4: If you have selected the tick box for Overseas on the Details tab go to the Overseas tab and enter the relevant information.

Step 5: If you selected Overseas Info. Required the Overseas Information tab will be enabled. Enter the Overseas information onto this tab.

Step 6: The Contact Log tab is used to log the contact that occurs between staff and Employers. If you have had any contact with the Employer you should enter this into the Contact Log tab. Before entering the Contact Log information you will need to setup the Employer Log Type as a User Code. To enter Contact Logs for a Employer simply follow the steps below:

a) In the Contact Date field enter the date the contact occurred.

b) If the user you are logged in as is not the person who made the contact select the correct user from the User Name combo box.

c) Select the Log Type of the contact

d) Select the Details icon to type in some details about the contact.

e) Select the Add button in the notes section. This will automatically add the entry to the grid. If you are not type notes in the notes field simply select the Add button to the right.

Step 7: Go to the documents tab to upload documents for the Employer. To add a document follow the below steps:

a) Select the Document Type: this is a user code and should be setup before linking the documents.

b) Select the Upload button next to the Document Name field. A new screen will open where you will be able to browse for the document on your local computer or network.

c) Once you have found your document select the Upload button to upload the document to the document screen. The upload screen will close and you will see the document name in the document name field.

d) If you have any notes for the document enter these by select the notes icon and typing the details and selecting the Add button.

e) Once all the details for the document have been entered select the Add button.