How to create Account Managers?

An Account Manager is basically a Sales Rep or Sales staff that you wish to monitor their performance using TEAMS. To use this feature in TEAMS you must firstly turn this feature on then setup Account Mangers as follows:

To turn the Account Manager feature on in TEAMS do this:

Step 1 – If you want to use Account Managers in TEAMS, then enable the Account Managers system setting which is present in

TEAMS > Setup > Organisation > Organisation Details > System Settings > Marketing as shown below:-


Note: If you do not see the above menu option when you log into TEAMS it means you do not have permissions to the relevant menu and screens, in this case you need to speak to your Manager or TEAMS Manager. Please do not ask TEAMS support to turn it on for you, they will happily do this but only if the senior most Manager in the company or owner of the company sends an email to requesting that we do this.

To setup Account Managers in TEAMS do this:

Step 2 – Go to TEAMS > Resources > Resource Entry

  • Once the Resource entry screen opens, on Details tab, select Resource Type as Account Manager. If you have not turned the feature on then you will NOT see the option in this dropdown for Account Managers.

  • Enter the Resource Code and Resource Name.

  • Select the Campus/s to which the Account Manager should be linked.

  • If you have notes which you want to enter against the Account Manager. You can enter these notes into the Notes box.

  • Tick the Active tick box.


Step 3 – The contact details of the Account Manager can be entered to the Contact tab.


Step 4 – On the Unavailable tab, you can enter the date range for which an Account Manager will not be available.


Step 5 – After entering all the information, select the SAVE ENTRY icon to save what you just have entered.


To track Account Managers and performance of them in TEAMS you then need to allocate Account Managers to one or many of the following areas:

Agents – If you link Account Managers to Agents, then when you link an Agent to a prospect student or proposal or enrolment then automatically the Account Manager will also be linked to them.

Prospect Student and/or Student – If you link an Account Manager to a Prospect Student or Student (when you convert a prospect student to student and Account Manager is linked, it will also be linked to the student after conversion) then when you do a proposal or enrolment for them the Account Manager will also be linked to the proposal and/or enrolment.

Proposal or Enrolment – where you haven’t linked an Account Manager to any of the above then this is the final level in which you can allocate an Account Manager. If you do not link an Account Manager at this or any other level you cannot monitor their performance in TEAMS.

Please see the following link for more information on How to allocate an Account Manager in TEAMS?

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