How to create User Codes

A User Code is an option you see in a dropdown list in TEAMS. About 95% of all dropdowns in TEAMS can by customised by users. There is a small percentage where you can’t customise them as they are hard coded. An example of a hard coded dropdown list would be the Payment Mode in the Receipt screen.

Step 1 – Go to TEAMS > Setup > Organisation > User Codes


Step 2 – On Details tab, enter the details as follows:-

Code Type:- Select the Code Type for which you want to create the User Code. The Code Type relates to the name of the label for the dropdown you wish to add data to. For example, on the Prospect Student Entry & Student Entry screen there is a dropdown for Nationality. You can add/remove Nationalities from this dropdown list in the User Code Screen. You would have to select the Code Type of Nationality to do this. Another example is Marketing Source is on the same screens and can be changed from the User Codes screen by selecting Code Type of Marketing Source.

Code: Enter the Code.

User Code Name:  Enter the name of the User Code.

Group Name: Tick the Groups to which you want to assign the permission of the User Code, you are creating.

User Name: Tick the Users to whom you want to assign the permissions.

Notes: You can enter the Notes related to the User Code in this text box.

Still having trouble?

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