How to edit/remove the USI on student entry screen in TEAMS ?

For editing or removing a USI number for a student, firstly you need to make sure that the user does have required permissions to do so. You can also setup these permissions from User Permission Screen (TEAMS > Setup > Organisation > User Permissions).


Once the User Permissions screen opens, search the User for which you wish to edit the permissions.

Click on the Student menu on left hand side, assign the ‘Edit USI’ permissions under Student > General > Student Entry Screen and save the screen.


Now, the user can access the Student Entry Screen from TEAMS > Student > General > Student Entry Screen, search for the required student for which you wish to edit the USI.



You can enter the correct USI # in Unique Student Identifier field and press the save button and a prompt message will appear informing the user that the USI is being changed.


Once the user presses the SAVE button, the screen would refresh and USI will be changed.


Still having trouble?

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