How to setup Resources-Overseas Student Health Care Provider

Step 1: Open the Resource Entry screen by going to TEAMS > Resources > Resources Entry.

Step 2: Select the Resource Type you would like to setup by clicking on the Resource Type drop down and based on the Resource Type follow the below instructions:

Step 3: Enter the Resource Code and Resource Name in the specific fields. The Resource Code is the abbreviated form of the Resource Name

Step 4: Select the Campus/s the Overseas Health Care Provider is available at.

Step 5: If you are charging for the Overseas Health Care Provider select the Is Billable tick box and `choose the Fee Payable Template and Fee Chargeable Template from the two lookup icons.

Step 6: If you are exporting data from TEAMS to MYOB you can enter the GL Code from MYOB into the GL Code field (optional).

Step 7: Enter any notes about the Health Care Provider in the Notes field.

Step 8: If you have Contact Details for the Overseas Health Care Provider you should enter these on the Contact Tab. Please remember that the Position field is a User Code and will need to be setup prior to you being able to select what the contact’s position is.

WARNING: our support staff will import for you your OSHC provider and the relevant fees so that it is correctly setup. All you need to do is email telling them your site address and what OSHC provider/s you use and they will notify you as soon as they are imported.