How to setup Resources – Teacher

Step 1: Open the Resource Entry screen by going to TEAMS > Resources > Resources Entry.

Step 2: Select the Resource Type you would like to setup by clicking on the Resource Type drop down and based on the Resource Type follow the below instructions:

Step 3: Enter the Resource Code and Resource Name.

Step 4: Select the Campus/s the Teacher is available at.

Step 5: If the Teacher will also be an Assessor and you want to link them to Qualifications or Training Plans or allow them to have Assessor Visits you should select the Assessor tick box.

Step 6: If the teacher is also a user in the system you should select the User from the User Combo box.

Step 7: If the teacher can be allocated to more then one room at one time you should select the Multiple Allocations tick box and type in the Maximum Allocations field the Maximum amount of places they can be at one time.

For Example: you may to allocate a teacher to two Classrooms/Sessions at the one time in the Academic Schedules. If you wish to do this you would select the tick box for Multiple Allocations and enter 2 in this field.

Step 8: You may have notes you can enter against the Teacher. If you do make sure you enter these into the Notes box.

Step 9: If you have Contact Details for a Teacher you should enter these on the Contact Tab.

Please note: The Position field is a User Code and will need to be setup prior to you being able to select what the teacher’s position is.

Step 10: If there are any times throughout the year where the Teacher will not be able to be available, for example, if the Teacher is going for holidays, you should enter these dates into the Unavailable tab. To do this:

  • Enter the Start Date of the period the room will not be available.
  • Enter the End Date of the period the room will not be available.
  • Select the Reason icon to enter the reason why the room will not be available.
  • Select the Add button to add the entry to the grid.