How to setup/use – Calendar in Teams


The pre-requisites for Calendar are: UG – Task


This document explains what the Calendar is; it identifies any important information and will show you how to use the Calendar.

Aim of this element

  • To provide an explanation of the Calendar screen and its purpose.

  • To explain the importance of the Calendar.

  • To show how to setup/use Calendar.


The Calendar is a screen you can use to view all the Tasks linked to you or another staff member (if you have the correct permissions to do so) in a calendar layout. It always displays the current week in the calendar and shows you not just current Tasks but any outstanding Tasks as well. The Calendar has the following fields/areas available in it.

The information entered within the Calendar area will affect different areas of the program.

Below are examples of where the program will use the information:

  • Students

  • Enrolments

  • Prospects

  • Proposals

  • Agents

  • Accommodation Providers

Important: A Task is considered overdue when the following business rules apply:
The task was not completed by the due date. The due date is either the Scheduled Date or if there is NO Schedule Date the date it was created on.

The Calendar is in a calendar style screen and allows you to do a number of things:

  • View Tasks

  • Create New Tasks

  • Viewing Other User’s Tasks (based on permissions)

Viewing Tasks

Step 1: Open the Calendar screen.

Step 2: If you wish to view a week that is not the current week go to the date field and enter the date and then select the GO button as highlighted below:

Step 3: Select the hyperlink for the Task # you wish to view as highlighted above and the Task screen will open as below:

Creating New Tasks

Step 1: Select the New Task Icon as highlighted below and it will open the Task screen where you can then create a new Task.

Important: Once all of the above information is entered please select the SAVE ENTRY icon in the top left hand corner of the screen as highlighted above.

Viewing Other User’s Tasks if you have permissions to do so

Step 1: Open the Calendar and select the Other Tasks tab as shown below:

Step 2: Select the user name that you wish to view Tasks for from the Change User drop down list as highlighted above. The screen/calendar will refresh and then you can navigate as per usual through the calendar to view the selected user’s Tasks.