How to setup/use Tasks in TEAMS?

The pre-requisites for Tasks are:

User Codes

This document explains what Tasks are; it identifies any important information and will show you how to use Tasks.

Aim of this User Guide

To provide an explanation of the Task screen and its purpose
To explain the importance of Tasks
To show how to setup/use Tasks


A Task is a task/job that you wish a user to complete and which you may wish to track exactly what was done and/or the time taken to complete the task/job.

An example would be if you wanted one of your marketing staff members to contact an Agent about something specific you would create an Task linked to the agent and assigned to the staff member (user) in TEAMS. The user would see this Task in their calendar on the workplace. They could then contact the agent and log what they discussed, how long it took them, etc. against the Task.

The information entered within the Task area will affect different areas of the program. Below are examples of where the program will use the information:


There are four steps to the process of creating and completing a Task:

Creating a Task
Assigning a Task
Creating Journal Entries for the Task
Completing the Task

Creating a Task

Step 1: Open the Task screen.

Step 2: Select the Task Type from the drop down. This is a User Code and should be setup prior to creating Tasks.

Step 3: From the Applies To dropdown select the object/entity type that the Task links to. For example if you wanted to create a Task and link it to a user so they could follow up with an Accommodation Provider on how they are going with the students staying with them then you would select Accomm. Provider. What you select in this dropdown will then affect what options you have available in the For field.

Step 4: In the
For field select the lookup and then search/select the relevant entry. Using the example in Step 3 above you would see a list of accommodation providers in your TEAMS site and you would then search and select the specific accommodation provider you wish the user to contact.

Step 5: If you wish you can enter a date into the Schedule Date field that you wish the user to work on this Task. If you enter a date in this field the Task will NOT be displayed in the user’s calendar on the workplace until that date. If you leave this field empty it will use today’s date as the date it is meant to be worked on.

Step 6: If you wish you can also enter a time in the Schedule Time field that you wish the user to start working on the Task.

Step 7: Select the user name from the drop down list for the user you wish to assign the Task to.

Please note: You do NOT have to assign the Task to a user at this time. You can leave this field empty and when you have saved the Task it will remain as unassigned until you open the Task and assign the user.

Step 9: In the Brief Description field enter an explanation of what you want the staff member/user to do for the Task. This can be as descriptive as you wish it to be.

Step 10: If you wish to link/upload a document to the Task complete the steps below:

Go to the Attach Document field.

Select the Upload button next to the Document Name field. A new screen will open where you will be able to browse for the document on your local computer or network.

Once you have found the document select the Upload button to upload the document to the document screen.

The upload screen will close and you will see the document name in the Attach Document name field.

Important: Once all of the above information has been entered select the SAVE ENTRY icon in the top left hand corner of the screen as highlighted above.

Assigning a Task

This step can be done while creating the Task as listed above or if you did NOT assign the Task when you created it, or you may complete the following to assign the task:

Step 1: Open the Task and then select the Task button and from the menu select the option of Assign.

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Step 2: A small window will open with a
drop down list for User Name. Select the user name from the list that you wish to assign the Task to and then select the Assign button.

Please Note: Once you have completed the above steps you can close the Task window, you do not have to select Task > Save Task again.Creating Journal Entries for the Task Journal entries are optional. If staff members do complete journal entries for a task this will enable you to see how long it took them to complete the work and what they did to complete the job.

To create journal entries for a Task complete the following steps:

Step 1:
Open the Task and then select the Task button, then from the menu select the Journal Entry option. A small window will open where you can enter the following information into the fields.

Field Explanation
UserThis will default to the user that is assigned to the job but another user (who has permission to see the task) can also log journal entries if needed.
DateThis will default to today’s date but it can be changed. It is the date of the journal entry. Important/Impact – It is a Mandatory field and must be entered to Save.
Start TimeTo log a journal entry you MUST enter a start time here. Important/Impact – It is a Mandatory field and MUST be entered to Save. It is in 24 hour time and you only need to type 4 numbers here without a colon.
Finish TimeAfter you have finished the job or the part of the Task you are logging a journal entry for that open up the Journal entry and enter the Finish time here. TEAMS will then automatically calculate the ‘Time Spent’ field.
Time SpentThis system will automatically calculate the time spent for the Journal entry. Important/Impact – The system calculates the difference between the Start time and the Finish time.
NotesThis is where you can enter information for the Journal entry such as what you had to do complete the task etc, conversation information etc.

Step 2: Once you have entered the information you MUST select the Task button and then select the Save and Close option. This will save the information and close the window. If you want to just save the information while you do something else and then add/change the journal entry, select Save from the menu.

Completing the Task

You can keep adding as many journal entries to a task as required until you complete/finish the Task. To complete/finish the Task follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Task and then select the Task button and from the menu select the Mark Complete option.

Step 2: A small message box will display asking Do you wish to close the job with the options of Yes or No. If you are confident you want to close the job select Yes.

Please note: the Task screen will refresh and you will notice that the Status circle has changed to red to indicate Closed.