How to use Bulk Enrolment AVETMISS & Other Settings Screen

To check/update the AVETMISS settings for the enrolments in bulk, you can use the Bulk Enroloment Avetmiss and Other Settings screen. To open this screen follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Go to TEAMS > Setup > Financials > Bulk Enrolment(s) Avetmiss + Other Settings

Step 2 – You can generate the list of the enrolments as per the following cases:-

If you want to search for the specific set of enrolments then you can select the parameters accordingly. For example if you want to search for the enrolments linked with a specific course or with specific enrolment type, you can select the Course or Enrolment Type parameters from this screen.

If you want to see all the enrolment list then you can simply select the AVETMISS Settings radio button and click on the List button.


In case you want to see the current enrolments only then you can select Current Enrolments Between radio button, put the dates as per your requirement and click on the List icon. System will now search for all the enroments present in this date range.

Step 3 –  For all these enrolments, you can check and update the AVETMISS settings as follow:-

Include in National Export – Tick the checkbox and click on the arrow button on the right side of the checkbox to update this setting.

Note: This setting shouldn’t be ticked on for Funded students.

State – Select the state code from the drop down menu and click on the arrow button to update the State for all the listed enrolments. To check the description of the drop down options, click on the red icon.

Delivery Type & Funding Source –  Same as State, select the value from the drop down and click on the arrow button to update the Delivery Type & Funding Source for all the enrolments.

Funding Source State – Enter the Funding Source State on the text box and click on the arrow button.

Note: This setting is applicable to Funded students only.

Step 4 – Click on the Save icon to save all the AVETMISS settings.

Still having trouble?

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