How to use Bulk Student AVETMISS & other Settings Screen

How to use Bulk Student AVETMISS & other Settings Screen


To apply AVETMISS settings in BULK follow the steps below:

Step1- You need to go to BUlk Student AVETMISS + Other Settings 

TEAMS>> Setup>> Financials>> Bulk Student AVETMISS + Other Settings

This screen lets you set the criteria for your search.

Step 2- But in case you want to display all the students in the database then you only need to click the AVETMISS Settings radio button.

and Search.

Step 3-The list of the students is displayed. There can be multiple pages and you will need to apply and save the settings on one page and then move on to the next one and repeat until all the students are done.

Step 4-All the AVETMISS settings will be displayed on the screen, To activate the AVETMISS settings parameters you will have to tick the Is AVETMISS tick box.

Step 5-You can do this one by one for each student or just by ticking the tick box on the top once for all the students. The settings will start appearing for the students whose Is AVETMISS tick box have been ticked.

Step 6- If you are not familiar with the values such as ’08’ ’01’ ’07’ then you can place the cursor on the ‘red colored I’ against every setting and it will give you the description for every setting. This lets you know which value is to be selected.

Step 7 After you have read the description, select the appropriate value and then Save the screen to save all the AVETMISS Settings.

Still having trouble?

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