How to use different types of Lookups

This article is about how to use different types of Lookups and various search options to narrow down your search.

Before You Start

Throughout TEAMS you will see lookups showing in many different areas. Lookups are listing screens thatlists information. The information can be based on search criteria already entered in a field when selected from the Lookup icon or you can enter search criteria into it when selected from an Open Entry icon. Click edit button to change this text.

Different Lookups

There are two different types of lookups – a lookup that allows single selection and a multi select lookup.

Single select lookup:


As you can see this lookup shows a hyperlink for one of the columns which you use to select the item you want to open/select.

Multi select lookup:


In the multi select lookup you have a tick box next to each entry which you use to make a selection. In the heading section (dark blue column) you can see there is a heading with a tick box in it. If selected this will automatically select all the tick boxes on the first page.

To add all the selected items you need to select the Update button in the top right hand corner of the lookup screen. If you want to add items from multi pages of the results you MUST select the Update button before moving to the next page as TEAMS will only update items that are on the current page.

Search Criteria

At the top of the lookup there is a search section:


Field Search box: You use the All Fields drop down to narrow down your select to be based on one particular field. For example if you are searching for a competency if you left the drop down to say All Fields it would search based on the Competency/Module Code AND the Competency/Module Name. If you knew the Code for the competency you could choose to select the option of Module Code to search based on the code only.

Search: The field next to the All Fields drop down box allows you to enter what you are searching for ie if BSBADV511A is the Competency Code you are trying to search for you would enter that into the field or based on the amount of data you have you could just enter ‘BSB’. Once you have entered something to search on select the Listing button to show the results.

Search Options: If you would like to narrow down your search further you can select to search based on the following options:

  • Start With – the object Starts with what is entered in the Search field. So using the example above you could enter BSB and keep the search options as Start With and you would get the correct result.


  • Like – the object has the letters somewhere in the name or code. So you could enter 511 and select this search option and you would be able to find the Competency. If you entered 511 and selected Start With you would not get the correct Competency in the results.


  • Whole Word – this needs to be an exact match. So if you entered ‘91419NSW’ in the search and selected this option you would only see this competency. If you entered anything else apart from the correct code you would not have the correct results.


Don’t forget to select the Listing icon once entering all your search criteria to show the results. Once you get the results you may find there are many options to pick from. The lookup only shows 20 entries per page so where there are more then 20 results for the search you will see these appear in pages:


You can see above the pages appear as 1 2 3 4 etc and they are all hyperlinks. Select the page to go to the results on that page. You can also select the green arrow to the right of the record # to see the next page’s worth of results.

Still having trouble?

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