System Settings – Survey Contact Status

This article describes what this setting is for, how to use it and outlines any business rules or important things to note.

The Survey Contact Status was added in TEAMS as a part of 2018 NCVER AVETMISS changes both for National as well as State AVETMISS submissions.

This field is a mandatory field in AVETMISS. The value selected in this field appears in NAT00080 file.If this field is not selected for a student in TEAMS and its data is being submitted in AVETMISS, then it will be reported as a validation error. In TEAMS, this field is present in the Student Entry Screen (TEAMS > Student > General > AVETMISS Tab).

A number of clients have reported that it is very cumbersome to select this field for all the students one by one on manual basis because there are hundreds on students which started last year and their data will be reported in this years’ AVETMISS submission and some of them might even be present in the AVETMISS files next year. However, this field was not present at the time of when they were entered into the system. So, it has to be done now in bulk.

Hence, this new setting has been introduced in the Bulk Student AVETMISS + Other Settings screen in order to help the clients, so that they can select this option for students in bulk.

A new drop down for Survey Contact Status has been added in the Bulk Student AVETMISS + Other Settings screen. This screen is present in TEAMs > Setup > Financials.

This screen is used for setting up AVETMISS settings for students in bulk. The AVETMISS settings which a user selects in this screen will appear in the Student Entry Screen > AVETMISS tab. For more information on how to use this screen, please click on the below video.

How to use the setting

Step 1 – Once the Bulk Student AVETMISS + Other Settings screen is open, select parameters on the first step so that the system can search for students accordingly.

Step 2 – Once the screen refreshes, you can select the Survey Contact Status for students from the drop down on one to one basis OR if the same  option has to be selected for a number of students, then you can select it at the top and press the arrow icon pointing downwards. This will populate the selected survey contact status for all the students present on that page.

Important – This setting has to be selected on per page basis i.e. select on one page, save and then move to the next page.

Please Note

This setting has to be set only for Fee For Service, CRICOS and /or Funded students. It is not required to select this setting for ELICOS students.

Still having trouble?

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