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FAQ – Incorrect Agent Commission being calculated

An agent is eligible to claim 25% commission on this Hospitality course: SIT60307 as 25% commission template is linked to the agent. However the agent commission in the invoice is being showed as 30% ($924 including GST). The amount should be $770.

The Agent Commission amount is appearing incorrect because the commission template linked to the agent was changed 24/01/2011 as shown below in the Audit Log Tab of the Agent Entry Screen of the same agent but this proposal was created on 19/01/2011 which means that the commission template was changed after the proposal was created. Hence, the agent commission has changed.

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FAQ – How can a user come to know that which Group Training Plan template is linked to an enrolment?

Enrolment Subject/Module Screen and the Group Training Plan allocation screen give the information that which Group Training Plan has been linked to which enrolment.

Enrolment Subject/Module Screen

In the top section of the enrolment subject/module screen, the name of the group training plan which is currently linked to the enrolment appears and a user can also change the group training plan from the drop down menu.

FAQ Error while submitting quality indicator

Following error message appears while submitting quality indicator data

Error Message
1 0001149400
1 LINES: Organisation file can only contain data for the RTO you logged in with!
22 LINES: Qualification file can only contain data for the RTO you logged in with!
158 LINES: Units/Modules file can only contain data for the RTO you logged in with!

If you are an AVETMISS funded RTO then you would have setup your AVETMISS provider code for your exports BUT for Quality Indicators they are looking for your RTO Provider Code. NCVER had informed us they would rectifiy this and allow the AVETMISS provider code to be used and hence we will not change the system but it seems they are a bit slow at getting this completed. Please change your AVETMISS code to your RTO code to do the Quality Indicator export and once you have submitted your files change it back to your AVETMISS code for the exports. We hope they have rectified this by next year.

Once the correct code is entered in the below highlighted field then this error message will not appear