Payments Received Tile

This article describes how to use the Payments Received tile, what the business rules are for it and how to access the Overdue Fees Listing screen.

Before You Start

This tile is only accessible from the Dashboard in TEAMS Lite; it is not available in TEAMS itself. Also, if you are logged into TEAMS Lite as a ‘trainer/teacher’ you will not have access to the Dashboard and this tile.

To understand how this tile works and what the business rules the system uses to show counts for overdue fees, you must first read the Business Rules.

Business Rules

This tile works in a similar to generating the Receipts Report in TEAMS. However, instead of generating the report it gives you the information automatically in the tile to save you time. Unlike the report, the system uses a reduced set of parameters to list receipts/payments received and it follows the business rules below:

  • The system looks at the campus or campuses (where you left the campus section of the login screen at All) that you logged into TEAMS Lite as.

  • When you log into TEAMS Lite the system first looks at today’s date, let’s say it is 15th Sep 2018, and it chooses the month and year from the date, so that is September 2018, and it uses this to consider as ‘This Month’ which shows in the Tile header.

  • The system then uses today’s date as an ‘as at’ date to find any enrolment that has a receipt with a receipt date within the current month.

  • The system then takes all the enrolments that meet the above business rules and groups them based on course code and displays each course code in the Tile with the total count of enrolments linked to that course code that have receipts/payments received in the month and calendar year, such as September 2018, as shown below:

Things To Note

  • The system does not consider if the enrolment is flagged as started and/or finished, it will show any enrolment where it meets the above business rules only.

  • The system will not consider any cancelled enrolments if they have receipts/payments received. If you wanted to consider them you would need to log into TEAMS and generate the Receipts Report found under TEAMS > Setup > Financial Reports II menu option.

  • Each Course Code listed has a number to the right hand side of it, which is the total enrolments for the month, with receipts. The number is a hyperlink that opens the Payments Received Listing screen, where you will be able to send bulk Emails or SMS to the students or enter contact logs against the enrolments.

  • Where there are no receipts/payments received for the month for any courses, there would be nothing listed. To access the Payments Received Listing screen you can select the word ‘This Month’ and it will still take you to the listing screen.

Still having trouble?

If you’re having any difficulty or have questions that you can’t find answers to here, please feel free to send us an email at or call us on 1300 85 05 85. We’re happy to help!