This is the new Support site for TEAMS!

Over the coming weeks you will see this site grow with new support posts and videos for the screens and reports in TEAMS.

We have also introduced a new TEAMS newsletter that will be released with each new update of TEAMS. For old What’s New posts please see the section for What’s New.

We will also be releasing in TEAMS new screen and field level support icons. These will be released in screens as something new happens to that screen or report. Screen level help will have one or two new icons in the top of a screen in TEAMS. There will be an icon for a post from this website that will explain how the screen, centre, process or report works. The second icon will be where we have created a video for that screen, centre or process. At first there will only be a small number of screens or report parameter screens with these new icons available but with each update and on a regular basis more and more screens/reports will have the icons included.

The other level help we will be releasing is at a field level on a screen. There are some fields in screens or report parameter screens that are confusing, so we will be including an icon next to that field that if you put your mouse over it, it will show a tool tip explaining about that field.

If you have any feedback or recommendations please do not hesitate to send it through to support@rtosoftware.com.au. If you require any support assistance you are welcome to email or call the support guys on 1300 85 05 85.

Have a lovely day!


Melissa Hamilton-Matthews

Product Manager