What’s New for 2011

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What’s NewSummary
2011 October no 1 – AVETMISS & General ChangeNew Sort By option of First Name in the Interim Statement of Resul
Proposal Status Report parameter screen
Changes in Schedule/Session, Bulk Schedule/Session Allocation Screens and Session/Class Screen
Change in the Schedule/Session Allocation Screen
Query What are Client Identifier and Training Contract Identifier?
2011 August no 1 – AVETMISS & General ChangesEnrolment Type Multi-Select in the Bulk Module Results Screen
New Settings for MYOB
Changes in the Bulk Result Screen
Changes in Merges (Email, Mail & SMS)
2011 August no 1 – CRICOS ChangesChanges in the Accumulative Letter of Offer
Change in the Periodic Attendance Report
Visa Type Merge Field in the Enrolments Mail Merge
2011 April no 1 – AVETMISS & General ChangesQty (Quantity) column in the Proposal Statement of Account Report Template and
Student Statement of Account
Changes in the Refund/Transfer Report
Selection of Multiple Enrolments in Certificate of Attainment and Final Result
Transcript Report
User and Group Permissions Changes:
2011 April no 1 –¬†CRICOS ChangesHow to create an Agent Type in TEAMS?
Query about a report which shows all Intervention strategies for a student with multiple enrolments
Student Payment # merge field in the Student/Agent Invoice Template
2011 Feb no 1 – AVETMISS & General ChangesTransitioning a Student: new process within Enrolment Centre
Email Merge Attachment File Size Increased
Starters Report & Current Students Reports
Course Name in the AVETMISS Export Screen
New Screen. Edit AVETMISS Screen
2011 Feb no 1 – CRICOS ChangesChanges in the Student Performance Report
Advanced Search tab
Changes in the Agent Performance Report