What’s New for 2012

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What’s NewSummary
2012 February no. 1 – AVETMISS & General ChangesChange in Student/Enrolment search on the AVETMISS Export Screen
Campus Level document to be shown on SRC Workplace
New Report: Current Students OSHC List
Sticky Notes in the Forum section
2012 February no. 1 – CRICOS ChangesAgent Column in the Aged Debtors Report (TEAMS > Setup > Financial Reports I > Aged Debtors Report)Region Column in the Starters, Enrolment / Proposal processed report and Proposal Status Report
Region Column in the Agent Listing Report
Agent Code character length increased
2012 February no. 2 – CRICOS and General ChangesMulti select tick box on advanced tab of Revenue recognition report
Changes in the Attendance Entry ? Single Session screen
Overseas Column in the Starters Report
2012 March no. 1 – CRICOS and General ChangesChanges regarding N/a Tab
New System Setting for Forums
2012 March no. 2 – General ChangesChanges in the Student Contact Log Report
2012 March no. 3 – General ChangesNew Report – Student Apprenticeship Traineeship – Training Plan
New Report – NSW Apprenticeship Traineeship – Training Plan
2012 April no. 1 – CRICOS ChangesChanges in the OSHC Listing Report (TEAMS > Setup > Financials > Financial Reports I)
2012 April no. 3 – General ChangesProcess Date Column in Receipts Report
2012 May no. 1 – General ChangesNew Columns added in the Proposal SMS Merge
2012 May no. 2 – General ChangesNew System Setting > Generate password in lower case only
New System Setting > Do not record attempt history
2012 May no. 3 – General ChangesUnsubscribing entities from Email/SMS list
Sort by and Group by options for Invoices in Accumulative Letter of Offer – Proposal
2012 May no. 4 – CRICOS ChangesActive column in the Agent look up
New Fields in Prospect Entry Screen for Agents
2012 May no. 4 – General ChangesAbility to search prospect/proposals with Email Address
2012 May no. 5 – CRICOS and General ChangesAgent Type multi-select in reports
Student name column in Academic Schedule Changes report
2012 June no. 1No New Change
2012 June no. 2No New Change
2012 June no. 3 – AVETMISS and General ChangesAlerts for Prior Educational Achievements and Any Disability Flags
Change in Student Apprenticeship Traineeship – Training Plan
2012 June no. 4 – CRICOS and General ChangesInvoice Template and ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study Periods Report
Delete modules from Enrolment Subject/Module Screen if result is marked
Copy Enrolment dates to Module dates
2012 July no. 1 – CRICOS and General ChangesNew Merge Field in Acceptance Advice Report
ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study Periods from Student Centre
Quality Indicator State drop down in Enrolment Centre
2012 August no. 1 – CRICOS and General ChangesNew Columns in Receipts Report
New Payment Mode option in Receipt Screen
Skype Name column in reports
Direct Credit Transfer result type changed to Credit Transfer
New Report: TPS Tuition Payments
2012 August no. 2 – General ChangesOld delivery types made inactive
Study Reason ‘9’ removed for VIC students
2012 August no. 3 – CRICOS and General ChangesNew eCOE # column in Starters Report
New eCOE # column in Weekly Attendance Screen
Total Study Period Column in TPS Tuition Payments Report
Nationality Column in Agent Performance Report
New Attendance system settings for SRC
2012 September no. 1 – CRICOS and General Changes‘Exclude Unsubscribe’ tick box in the Agent Listing and Employer Listing Reports
New Study Period related fields in Financial Screens
New columns in the Invoices Report (TEAMS > Setup > Financials Reports II > Invoices Report)
New Fields in Enrolment Subject/Module Screen
2012 October no. 1 – CRICOS and General ChangesNew result type “RPL Assessment Started and Results Not Yet Available” added
Employer Name hyperlink added in the Student Entry Screen
Assessment Task Code added in the Assessment Task Results screen
Enrolment Date column in the Receipts Report
New radio button in Accommodation Provider Listings Report
Active tickbox added in the User Code Screen for Code Type – Marketing Source
New Course Code sort by option added in the Current Students Report