What’s New for 2013

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What’s New Summary
2013 February no. 1 – AVETMISS & General Changes Payment Mode information added in the Receipt
Study Period Fields to be added in Proposal Invoice screen and Enrolment Invoice Screen
Customised Certificate Number in Certificate of Achievement Report
New Column for ‘Total Study Weeks’ in TPS Tuition Payment Report
2013 March no. 1 – General Changes Changes in Bulk Invoice Dates Change Screen
2013 March no. 2 – AVETMISS and General Changes Enrolment Type column in Weekly Attendance Screen
Training Location drop down in Proposal Wizard and Edit AVETMISS Screen
‘Client Tuition Fee per hour’ field in Module and Student Result Screen
2013 April no. 1 – General Changes Invoice Date and Invoice Due Date in Receipts Screen
New System Setting – Automatically decline proposal in weeks
New tick box in Age Debtors Report parameter screen
Email 2 and Email 3 column in Student Contact Details Report
2013 April no. 2 – AVETMISS and General Changes Changes regarding Module Mapping Process
New System Setting – Copy AQTF result type in the Notes box
New Columns in Current Students Report – AVETMISS
2013 May no. 1 – General Changes Interim Statement of Result Report from Enrolment Centre
‘Account Manager’ in Student Performance Report
‘Skype Name’ column in Proposal Status Report
Change regarding Credit Points
2013 May no. 2 – General Changes Ability to mark sub task score with decimal point value
New Bookmark Table in Certificate of Achievement Report
New Columns in Age Debtors Report
2013 June no. 1 – General and CRICOS Changes Nationality column in Fees Overdue Report
Passport # column in Starters Report
New System Setting – Default Lookup Search Option
2013 June no. 2 – General Changes ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study Periods report from Proposal Centre
Changes in Qualifications Issued Register report
2013 July no. 1 – General Changes Study Period fields in Negative Invoice Screen
New Column in Results Achieved by Module Summary Report
Username column in Documents Tab
2013 July no. 2 – AVETMISS Changes New Result Type and Concession Types
2013 August no. 1 – General Changes New Merge Fields in ESOS Schedule of Fees By Course/Study Periods – Proposal report
Assessment Notes merge field in Sub Task Assessment Description report
New Report – Overdue Competencies/Modules with no Results
2013 September no. 1 – CRICOS Changes New Merge Fields in ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study Periods – Proposal and ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study Periods – Student report
2013 October no. 1 No New Change Released
2013 December no. 1 – AVETMISS & General Changes New Screen – Student AVETMISS Data Clean Up
AVETMISS 2014 – Specific Funding Identifier
AVETMISS 2014 – Prospect Entry Screen & Student Entry Screen Changes
AVETMISS 2014 – Campus Screen Changes (Only applicable to Victoria)
AVETMISS 2014 – Course Screen Changes
New Entity – School
‘Withdrawn Date’ column in Revenue Recognition Report