What’s New for 2014

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What’s NewSummary
2014 July no. 1 – General & CRICOS ChangesBack Button in Proposal and Enrolment Wizard
New System Setting – How many days contact log should be visible in TP?
New Merge Fields in Enrolments Mail Merge
New AVETMISS Fields in the Proposal Wizard
Link to generate ‘ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study Period Report’ from Proposal Wizard Step 4
New Merge Fields and System Settings for ‘ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study Period Report’
New Columns in Student Contact Details Report
Group Training Plan Screen Changes
Change regarding Quality Indicator
2014 August no. 1 – CRICOS ChangeNew Option – Edit Agent Payment from Enrolment Centre
2014 August no. 2 – CRICOS and General ChangesNew Campus Level Setting – 1st Invoice Due __ days before Proposal/Enrolment Create Date
Visa Type in Proposal Centre
2014 September no. 1 – CRICOS and General ChangesNew System Setting – Update Agent Code with Agent ID
New Merge Field in ‘ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study Periods’ Report
Trainer’s Portal – New Bulk Result Screen
New Bookmark Table in ‘ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study Periods’ Report
2014 September no. 2 – CRICOS ChangeNew Columns in Agent Listings Report
2014 October no. 1 – General ChangeStudy Period Information in Enrolment Centre
VFH Entry Screens in TEAMS
2014 October no. 2 – General ChangeNew System Setting – Disable USI missing warning message in Enrolment Center
VFH Fields in Proposal and Enrolment Wizard
2014 October no. 3 – General ChangeNew Dropdown – Default USI Contact Method
New System Setting – Show Descriptive Course Name in ESOS Schedule of Fees By Course/Study Periods Report
2014 November no. 1 – General ChangesModule Screen Change – National AVETMISS Submissions
Proposal Wizard and Enrolment Wizard Change – National AVETMISS Submissions
2014 December no. 1 – General ChangesUnique Student Identification (USI) Verification
VET Fee Help in TEAMS