What’s New for 2015

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What’s NewSummary
2015 Februray no. 1 – General & Compliance Changes‘Current Enrolments Between’ parameter in Bulk Enrolment AVETMISS and Other Settings screen
Enrolment Type multi-select in Session Attendance Report
‘Completed Qual’ parameter in Enrolments Email, Mail and SMS Merge
USI Number merge field in reports
2015 Februray no. 2 – General & Compliance ChangesStudent Payment # in Reports
New Sort by options in Starters Report
New USI # Column added in Current Students Report
2015 April no. 1 – General & Compliance ChangesNew Column in Starters Confirmation List Screen
New Columns in Agent Performance Report
New Columns in Current Students Report
New Columns in Finishers Report
New Columns in Prospects Student Report
New System Settings
Invoice Notes merge field in the ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study Periods report
New Column in Qualification Issued Register Report
2015 June no. 1 – General Changes‘Enrolment Type’ column in Student Result Listings Report
New Columns added in the Fee Chargeable Listings Report
‘Bank Date’ column in Payment Plan For Invoices Report
‘Email Address’ Column in Payment Plan Due Report
Enrolment Type drop down changed to a multi-select in the Rolling Periodic Attendance Report
Enrolment Type drop down changed to a multi-select in the Periodic Attendance Report
New Columns in Fees Overdue Report
New System Setting – By Pass Attendance while enrolment cancellation
2015 July no. 1 – AVETMISS & General ChangesEmail and SMS Merge Changes
New Columns in Student Result Listings Report
Deposit Due in Invoice Template Screen
AVETMISS Column in Starters Report
Student # merge field in Email Template
New Columns in Student Invoice Import File
Campus Local Address Merge Fields in Enrolments Mail Merge
Trainer column in the Enrolment Subject/Module screen
‘USI Recorded’ parameter in Enrolments Email Merge
2015 July no. 2 – AVETMISS & General ChangesChanges in the Student Result Screen
Change regarding AVETMISS Address Fields
Suburb Key Ahead Functionality
2015 July no. 3 – AVETMISS & General ChangesNew Columns in Current Students Report
‘New Proposal’ option in the Proposal Centre > Action menu
Change regarding USI on the Student Entry Screen
New columns in the Student Progress Report by Modules
Module End Date/Result Date should not be < Module Start Date check introduced
Check regarding Client Industry of Employment and Client Occupation Identifier
Further Changes to Address Functionality
USI Generation Functionality for Students with Single Name
2015 August no. 1 – General ChangesChanges regarding Unique Student Identifier
USI Number merge field added
New System Setting – Do not generate these reports for Students where USI is not verified
Session multi-select option in Bulk Enrolment Contact Log Screen
‘Include in National Export’ tickbox on the Student Entry Screen
2015 September no. 1 – AVETMISS and General ChangesAVETMISS Field Placement Changes
Changes for Smart and Skilled Funding (NSW Specific)
‘Generate Installment Based On’ option on Fee Schedule Entry Screen
‘Select All’ link in the AVETMISS Data Files Export Screen
Changes in Attendance Entry – Single Session Screen
2015 December no. 1 – AVETMISS and General ChangesSystem Setting – Flag Enrolment as Include in National Export
System Setting – Leads/Prospects for Next
‘DIAC Office’ field in the Proposal & Enrolment Wizard
New Setting – Generate Installments based on Invoice Date OR Proposal/Enrolment Start Date
New System Setting – How many weeks between proposal end date and next proposal start date is there?
New System Setting – Export Only Started Enrolments In Avetmiss Export
System Setting – Do not make Agent Bank Account mandatory while doing financial transactions