Agent Commission Payment Screen

You can watch the video below and also read the step by step guide.

Clients use this screen to record the agent commission payment entries if the commission is not pre-deducted. You can find this screen under TEAMS button > Agent > Financial > Commission Payment Entry. Earlier, on this screen, you could only see the agent invoice numbers but now we have added a new field which is for student invoice. Student’s invoice number which relates to that agent commission invoice will appear under Student invoice  #. It is located right next to Course/Campus field. You can see this new field Stu Inv # under both tabs- Unpaid/Partially Paid & Payment Entries.

On this screen, we had Enr Start Date field which shows the start date of the enrolment but now we have changed the label name for Enr Start Date to Enr Dates. This field will show you the Start and End Date of the enrolment.