Agent Payments Report

You can either watch the below video or read the step by step guide.

You can find this report from the TEAMS > Agent > Reports menu option. This report is used to identify all the commission payments you have made within a specific date range.

New columns

We have added two new columns in the report that are:

  1. Agent Payment ref. #

  2. Bank Account

These columns have been added at the end of the report. The information that merges into these columns comes from the Agent Commission Payment entry screen as shown below:

Important: in the report parameter screen for this report, there is a dropdown for Payment Type and it has two options for:

Pre-deducted – This is where you add commission pre-deducted in a student’s receipt

Non Prededucted – This is where you have paid the agent from the agent commission payment screen above.

The only time information will be merged into these new columns is if the following conditions are met:

  • For any payment created in the Agent commission payment screen, you have entered information into those fields and

  • In the report parameter screen for this report, for the Payment Type option you have either left it as the option of All or you have selected the Non Pre-deducted option.