Campus Entry Screen

You can either watch the below video or read the step by step guide.

Settings tab

Domain name – if you issue your students with a College email address such as etc then TEAMS can auto generate this email address for you and update the student with the address. It will use the student’s TEAMS Student number then your domain address that you setup in this field. Once you have set this up, the system will issue the email address when the student number is generated for the student. 

Each client will have their settings differently for when the system issues the student number but generally it is one of the following:

  • When you convert your prospect student and it’s proposal/s to a student and enrolment OR

  • When you enter your prospect student and do their first proposal

The Domain name field was first introduced at the Organisation leveI and now has been added on the Settings tab of the Campus entry screen. You can find Campus Entry screen from TEAMS > Setup > Organisation > Campus Entry.

You can see this new field in the bottom of the settings tab.

Before you set this you need to make two decisions that are:

  1. At what level do you want the system to look for the domain name to issue an email address?

    Organisation Level –
    if you have just one domain address but multiple campuses and all students at all campuses should have the same domain address for their email address, then you would set it at this level


    Campus Level – if you have multiple campuses as locations; let’s say you have a campus in Australia and one in Canada and each campus has a different domain address then you would need to set it up at this level.

    Important: where you set this up at the campus level and later add a domain name at the Organisation level or vice versa, the system will always use the campus level only, which means you can only have the domain name/s setup in one of the locations not both. Also, where you have set this up at the campus level, the system will only generate the email address once, for the first proposal or enrolment that is linked to the prospect student/student in  TEAMS. It will not issue a new email address each time you enrol it in a different campus.

    Important: If you decide to set your domain name/s at the Campus level, then you can do this if you have access to the Campus screen. If you decide to do this at the Organisation level you will need to contact our support staff via email requesting that they setup your domain name at the organisation level and remember to give them the domain address you want setup and also if you wish to set the email address as the default one.