Changes introduced – Change in the Enrolment Centre

This article is about new changes introduced in the Enrolment Centre.

Change Introduced

A new label & field beside the Completed Qual drop down for Result Issued with a tick box has been added in the Enrolment Centre.

Things To Note

When a user selects Action > Finish, a following prompt will appear.

WARNING: the Completed Qual for this enrolment is set to Full, have you issued the Qualification to the student? If they say NO then we do not write an entry in the Qualification Issued Register and Results Issued tick remains unselected. If they say Yes, then we write an entry to the Qualification Issued Register and we update the Results Issued tick box to show as selected in the Enrolment Centre.

The system checks if Completed Qual = Yes and also if the Result Issued tick box is set to Yes or NO and only show the prompt/question if it is set to No.

Still having trouble?

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