Edit Agent

You can either watch the below video or read the step by step guide.

We always try to make TEAMS smart and our client’s processes more efficient with time.

Agents are an integral part of RTO’s and Universities business. TEAMS keeps track of each and every agent commission payment entry you made for an enrolment but we came across a problem with one of the processes related to agents.

When the agent commission entry has already been made for an enrolment either prededucted or post deducted, the TEAMS was letting users to edit the agent through Edit Agent screen under the Action menu of enrolment centre, which is wrong because it was unlinking the commission entry already made against the invoice.

Now we have introduced a new logic in the system which won’t allow a user to edit an agent if there is commission payment.

For example: there is an enrolment with XYZ agent and we can see there is/are commission payment entries:

 Now for some reasons, a user has to change the agent, has to go to the Edit Agent screen to change the agent

The system will open a new screen with an alert message as follows:

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