Edit AVETMISS screen

You can watch the video below and also read the step by step guide.

In the Edit AVETMISS screen there is a field for Date Program Completed, as shown below. This field has been in this screen for some time, we have just changed the logic of how it works slightly.

When we introduced this field there was a system setting also introduced that you needed to have set via our support staff. The system setting is as follows:

IMPORTANT: you cannot access this System Settings screen, only our support staff can access and save changes in this screen. We are showing you this screenshot so that if you wish to have yours changed, then you know the exact field to request changes in from our support staff.

By default the system is set to Enrolment End Date but you may have had it changed to one of the other options.

We identified a problem when an enrolment end date was edited and changed by a user, the system was not updating this field with the new enrolment end date. We have fixed this and the system will automatically update this date based on the enrolment end date being changed. 

IMPORTANT: this is only required to have a date in it for your enrolments that are VET and will be exported in your AVETMISS exports. You cannot leave this date blank otherwise you will get an error in your AVETMISS submissions.