Edit Enrolment Screen Inactive Courses

You can either watch the below video or read the step by step guide.

You can set courses as inactive from two screens i.e. Campus Entry screen and Course screen. Before this change was introduced, the system  was showing all the inactive courses in the drop-down on the edit enrolment screen, but they were appearing in red.

Change Introduced

Now in the proposal wizard, package proposal, enrolment wizard and Edit Enrolment screen an inactive course will not show in the dropdown at all. The only time it will show is where it is already linked to a proposal or enrolment and you are editing them.For example: the course shown below is an inactive course.

When you try to edit the above enrolment, it will show all the active courses and the linked inactive course in the drop down options for Course field. The inactive course which is linked to the enrolment will appear in red font as shown below