ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study Periods – PMC

You can watch the below video or read the step by step guide.

This report is used to generate an Offer Letter with one or many proposal data in it. Although it is accessible from the PMC (Prospect Marketing Centre) it can also be generated from the PC (Proposal Centre) as well. When you are in the Report Templates screen and you search for the report name of ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study Periods you will see three entries of:

ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study Periods – PMC
ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study Periods – Proposal
ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study Periods – Student

These new merge fields have been added to the PMC & Proposal versions only.

New merge fields added

Most of the new merge fields we have added in this report are related to an accommodation provider and airport pickup as follows:

  • {AccommodationName} – This will merge  the name of the accommodation provider.

  • {AccommodationStartDate} – This will merge the start date of accommodation.

  • {AccommodationEndDate} –  This will merge the end date of accommodation.

  • {TotalAccommodationWeeks} – This will merge field a number for the total weeks of accommodation applied to a proposal.

  • {AccommodationPreferences} – This will merge the prospect student’s accommodation preferences that are linked at the prospect level. You can link accommodation preferences to the prospect student by going to the Prospect entry screen > Preferences tab > Accommodation preferences. Once you have selected one or many preferences from the lookup, the system will display all the preferences as comma separated in the field.
    Please note: These preferences are User Codes with Code Type of Accommodation Category, that you must first setup before you will see them in the lookup. If you then want to search on accommodation providers available that match the prospect student’s preference then you must also link those preferences (Accommodation Categories) to your accommodation providers in TEAMS from the Accommodation Provider entry screen.

  • {Airport} – It will merge the name of the Airport which was entered on the Pick tab of the package proposal and proposal wizards or the prospect pickup screen from the Proposal Centre > Action menu button. 

The Prospect level merge field {AccommodationPreferences} information is fetched from prospect entry screen > preferences tab as shown below :

Please note: the Accommodation Preferences field will only show in the above screen when you have selected the tick box for Require Accommodation.

The other new merge fields are proposal based. So for these fields information is being fetched from the package proposal and proposal wizard > Accommodation tab screen as shown below:

It will be shown as below in the report:

The other new merge field we have added relates to the proposal/s itself. The new merge field is:

  • {Includes Non-Refundable Amount} – this field links to the new data entry field in the Package Proposal > Settings tab for Includes Non-Refundable Deposit Amount of.. A sample of the generated merge field in the ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study Periods report is shown below: