Final Results Transcript

You can either watch the below video or read the step by step guide.

Final Results Transcript is used to generate graduation certificates, statement of attainment and/or record of results for student enrolments.

What’s New

Based on our client’s requirement, we have added a new merge field in the report which will populate the count of total successful units of an enrolment.

The total successful unit count also includes the below result types:

Recognition of Current Competency granted (RCC Granted)

Recognition of Prior Learning granted (RPL Granted) and

Credit Transfer (CT).

You can find the report under TEAMS > Setup > Organisation > Report Templates for customisation.

Now, search for Final Results Transcript report from the lookup from where you can download the original report template, the newly introduced merge field is at the bottom of the original report template.

You can print the new merge field wherever you want it to populate the successful unit count in your customised template.

Below is the example of an enrolment for which result has been updated as:

For the above scenario, the final result transcript report will print Total Successful Modules count as 9.

Sample of generated version is as follows:

Still having trouble?

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