Ignore Unit Start Date if Unit Result is CT, RPLG or RCCG

You can either watch the below video or read the step by step guide.

We always try to make our TEAMS more organised for our end users and will keep improving your experience with us.

To this improvement, we have now done a change for below result types:

    • 1. Recognition of Current Competency granted (RCC Granted)
  •           2. Recognition of Prior Learning granted (RPL Granted) and
  •           3. Credit Transfer (CT). 

Earlier, TEAMS was not allowing a user to update the result date for the above result types if the result date is before the unit start date.

For all of the above three result types, now a user will be able to update the result date before the unit’s start date. Also, the system will copy the result date automatically to the start date field of that specific unit.

For example: There is an XYZ enrolment with start and end date as 04/11/2019 and 05/04/2020, for a unit whose result type is Credit Transfer (Enrolment Centre > Academic > Student Result), the unit start date of that unit is 23/12/2019 as follow:

Now on the student result screen, If you want to update the result date as 06/11/2019, then the system will allow you to do so. 

Also, upon saving the result entry screen, the system will automatically copy the result date as unit start date, which you can check on the Enrolment Subject/Module screen as follows:

Important: You need to make sure that result date is within the enrolment’s start and end date.

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