Invoices Report

You can either watch the below video or read the step by step guide.

This report will show you a list of invoices that have occurred within a date range for enrolments.  You can choose date ranges of:

  • Invoice Due Date

  • Invoice Date

  • Invoice Entry Date – this is the date the invoice was created in TEAMS

You can find this report under TEAMS > Setup > Financial Report I > Invoices Report menu option. 

New Columns

We have added two new columns into the report which are:

  • Enrolment Outcome – as displayed on the enrolment centre at the time of generating the report

  • Enrolment Status – displays whether the enrolment is flagged as Started, Not Yet Started, Finished or Cancelled

  • Discount – this report shows fee line items for each transaction, so for any fee line item (individual fees in an invoice, receipt etc) that has a discount linked to it in invoice transactions, the system will display the discount amount here.