Merges & Template related changes

You can either watch the below video or read the step by step guide.

We have made the following changes in the Email Merge and SMS Merge as well as the Email Templates and SMS templates. 

Email and SMS template changes


You can find these screen under TEAMS button > Marketing > General > Email Templates/SMS Templates. We have sorted Available Fields dropdown alphabetically on Email and SMS template screen for all the objects like Student, Enrolment, Proposal etc.

  1. We have added a new merge field for External Package Start Date for the Template Type (object) ofEnrolment. This is a new field from the Package Proposal newly added field for the external package students.

External Package Start Date has also been added as a merge field in the Enrolments Mail Merge report template.

Email and SMS Merge changes

You can find both the screens under TEAMS button > Marketing > Merges > Email Merge/SMS Merge. 

Standard Search

For the Enrolment Merge, on the Standard Search tab, we have added a new field which is Induction/Orientation Date (From). You can make your search more specific by updating the Induction/Orientation dates so that only those enrolments appear in your search which lie in that date range if you have updated the Orientation Date while creating the proposal or on the Edit Enrolment screen. 

Orientation Date while creating the proposal:

Orientation Date on the Edit Enrolment screen:

Here is the new field which is Induction/Orientation Date (From):

Advanced Search

For the Enrolment Merge, on the Advanced Search tab, all the fields which are newly added under Package Proposal’s course tab and under Edit Enrolment screen, those fields have been added at the bottom of the Advanced Search for both Email and SMS merges.