Proposal Centre Changes

You can watch the below video or read the step by step guide.

As part of us continuing to improve TEAMS for our clients and based on the feedback we have received, we have made changes to the Proposal Centre’s top section and how the system will display information for our users. 

How the Proposal Centre looks before the update:

We have divided the  Proposal Center’s top section into two sections named as Student Summary and Proposal Summary and designed  it in a similar fashion to how the Enrolment Center looks. This screen can be found under the TEAMS > Marketing > Proposal Centre.

Student Summary – Here you can see student’s personal information like Student Name, Student Number, Gender, Date of Birth, Email Address etc. You will also see a few icons for address, overseas information, employer and special needs. For each icon, a tooltip will be displaying information for that particular icon.

Important: If for a prospect student, any of the student’s proposal is converted into enrolment, then this Student Summary section will pick the information from the student entry level otherwise it will pick the information from the prospect entry level if none of the proposal is converted.

Proposal Summary – Here you can see two fields-

  • General Information – Which will provide you information related to student’s Campus, Course, Proposal Start and End Date, icons related to newly added fields under the Package Proposal’s Course tab.

  • Other Information & Alerts – Here you can see information like Total Invoiced, eCoE information.

Here is the new look of Proposal Centre’s top section-

Important: when you do a proposal for a student, if that student has had the Special Needs flag set against them then the system will show an icon for this in the Student Summary Section as follows:

Student Entry – Special Needs setting


Proposal Centre – Student Summary Section


There will be a tooltip when you have your mouse over the Special Needs icon here and it will show any Special Needs notes you have entered in the Student Entry screen.

Also, in a similar way if for the proposal in the AVETMISS tab you have set Any Disability is Yes and listed any then the same Special Needs icon will display in the Proposal Summary section as follows:

Proposal Centre – Proposal Summary

There will be a tooltip when you have your mouse over the Special Needs icon here and it will show the list of disabilities you have chosen in the AVETMISS tab of the proposal.