Student Number searching – search using USI, VSN and other student numbers

You can either watch the below video or read the step by step guide.

We have introduced a new functionality in TEAMS that will allow you to search for students with more than just the TEAMS student number. You can now search for a student with the following student number fields:

  1. TEAMS’s Student Number 

  2. Alternate Student Number – if the student has an alternate student number entered in the Student entry screen.
    Please note: you may not see this field as it may not be turned on in your TEAMS site. It is typically used when migrating from another Student Management System to TEAMS and you have a different student number for them but want then to have a new TEAMS student number.

  3. USI Number – Unique Student Identification Number

  4. VSN Number – Victorian Student Number (VIC only)

  5. CHESSN Number – Fee Help (VSL) students only

  6. LUI Number – Learner Unique Identifier (QLD only)

  7. TRS Number – Training Record System Number (WA only and this is now known as the WAAMS number)

When you use the lookups or the field with the Go button beside it in the screens below, you can enter any of these numbers above for a student and the system will search and show you the result/s.

  • Workplace’s search field

  • Student Centre

    • Go button search field

    • Action > Open Student

  • Enrolment centre

    • Go button search field

    • Action > Open

  • Student Entry

    • Go button search field

    • Lookup