Student Result Screen

You can either watch the below video or read the step by step guide.

The Results entry screen is used to mark individual student results for either the Modules/Competencies or Subjects and their module/competencies. The information entered within the Student Results screen will affect different areas.

Before the change the system was counting the following results as successful results as part of the count of what the student had to study. The results are: 

Recognition of Current Competency granted (RCC Granted)

Recognition of Prior Learning granted (RPL Granted) and

Credit Transfer (CT). 

Although the three results above are successful results, the student will not attend any classes or complete any assessments for them and it was confusing to many users.  The count was showing at the bottom of the Student results screen as highlighted below. In this example the student does not have to study 15competencies, they only have to study 10 as there are 4 with RPL and 1 Credit Transfer. 


With this update we have changed it so the system  will not count these results for both the elements of the count that are total successful results/total modules.

In the screenshot example below there is a total of 34 modules/competencies linked to the enrolment. Of this count the student only has to study 23 of them and they have already successfully completed 5, hence the 5/23. The remaining 11 modules/competencies have either CT, RPLG or RCCG linked to them and so they do not have to study them. 

Please note: in this example screenshot below, you are only seeing part of the list of modules/competencies so that we could show the change to the counts at the bottom of the Student results screen, it is not the complete list that matches the 34 count. 

This count can also be seen under the Compliance Information & Alerts section of the Enrolment Centre for Student Progress, as shown in the screenshot below:

Also the above changes will be reflected in Student Performance Report as shown in the below screenshot.