TEAMS Client Update 30th October 2019

This TEAMS client update

was released on

Wednesday, 30th October 2019

What is in this Update?

Whats new

In this update, we have introduced a new logic in the system which won’t allow a user to edit an agent if there is commission payment.

We strongly recommend that you introduce a TEAMS update process where someone at your RTO regularly reads the Newsletters that we send prior to a TEAMS update, to identify the following:

Any critical changes for compliance or the system that may require you to do something in TEAMS or notify other users of TEAMS about

  • What has been changed in the system
  • What new features are being added to the system, that you and other staff may wish to use

By following this update process your business will always be up to date with what TEAMS can offer and take those new features to the relevant decision makers for review and consideration.

We will also warn you of new items (screens and processes) or changes that we have made for compliance reasons and when necessary we will mark them as urgent, where you are required to change or add something to your processes in TEAMS to meet the compliance requirements.

Major Change

Edit Agent

On the enrolment centre’s edit agent screen, we have added a new logic.

If you have any further questions or encounter an issue, please contact our support staff on 1300 85 05 85 or

Have a great day!