TEAMS Client Update September 2019

This TEAMS client update

was released on
Wednesday, 11th September 2019

What was in this Update?

We ask that you notify staff who use TEAMS of these changes, especially the major Process and Centre changes as the information displayed will be visually different. We have also introduced some new fields that may assist your marketing and management teams in regards to identifying types of students at your college. You can find these new fields explanation under the Package Proposal changes > Course tab.

We strongly recommend that you introduce a TEAMS update process where someone at your RTO regularly reads the Newsletters that we send prior to a TEAMS update, to identify the following:

Any critical changes for compliance or the system that may require you to do something in TEAMS or notify other users of TEAMS about

  • What has been changed in the system

  • What new features are being added to the system, that you and other staff may wish to use

By following this update process your business will always be up to date with what TEAMS can offer and take those new features to the relevant decision makers for review and consideration.

We will also warn you of new items (screens and processes) or changes that we have made for compliance reasons and when necessary we will mark them as urgent, where you are required to change or add something to your processes in TEAMS to meet the compliance requirements.

Major Process & Centre Changes

  1. Student Number Searches

    From the TEAMS workplace search, Student Centre, Enrolment Centre and the Student Entry screen you will now be able to search using a student’s USI, VSN, CHESSN, LUI, TRS numbers as well as the TEAMS student number.

  2. Package Proposal Changes

    In the Package Proposal wizard we have introduced new fields for your marketing and management staff to better track the types of students that are at your college. We have also streamlined the OSHC (Course1) tab to make it more efficient in selecting a OSHC provider and a cover level so that the system will then auto-populate the required fee.

  3. Proposal Centre Changes

  4. ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study periods – PMC

    New merge fields have been added to the PMC & Proposal versions.

  5. Student Centre Changes

  6. Student Result Screen – counting student progress

    In the Student Results screen as well as in the Enrolment Centre and the Student Performance report we have excluded counting CT, RPL Granted & RCC Granted as ‘to study’ modules.

  7. Merges & Template related changes

    Changes made to Email and SMS template

    Changes made to SMS Merge changes

General screen changes


  1. Prospects Entry Screen

    Changes made in the Details and Preferences tab.

  2. Prospect Marketing Changes

    Changes made in the Pending Proposal tab.

  3. Campus Entry Screen

    Changes made to the Settings tab

  4. Document/s Uploading Limit

    Increased the maximum document size to 20MB. Please take note of the upload processing issue in this post though.

  5. Intervention Screen

    Introduced a number of new fields to this screen along with new merge fields for them.

  6. Unsubscribe from future emails from TEAMS

    Please read this post carefully to understand how this works and where it worksfrom.

  7. New system setting for – Allow Enrolments to be started # days before enrolment start date

  8. New Action Button

    Daily Attendance screen

    Bulk Results

    Starters Confirmation list

  9. Agent Commission Payment Screen

    Introduced a new column for Student Invoice #

  10. Edit AVETMISS screen – Date Program Completed population

    New system setting to auto-populate or manually enter this date

Report Changes

The following list of reports have had changes/new additions to either their report parameter screen or new columns and/or merge fields added.

  1. Acceptance Advice Report

  2. Starters Report

  3. Rolling Periodic Attendance Report > General Tab

  4. Current Students Report

  5. Fee Transaction Listing Report

  6. Invoices Report

  7. Enrolment Mail merge Report

  8. Intervention Status Report

  9. Student Performance Report

If you have any further questions or encounter an issue, please contact our support staff on 1300 85 05 85 or

Have a great day!