TEAMS Newsletter – April Update No. 1 2016

Welcome to our new TEAMS Newsletter.

It will be replacing the old ‘What’s New’ posts that were part of our regular TEAMS updates.

With this newsletter we will be providing you information on:

Any critical/important changes – where we have had to make changes in TEAMS relating to compliance for AVETMISS, CRICOS etc we will list them in this section. When we list anything in this section, it will be because you may need to urgently do something in TEAMS or be aware that how TEAMS is handling a compliance requirement. It will be important that you understand these change, make any changes we ask you to and make sure all relevant staff are made aware of these items.

New Items – in the coming months we will have some new and exciting features & functionality introduced in TEAMS. With this there we will be new screens and from time to time possibly new reports. We strongly recommend that you review these new features & functionality to see what you will be able to introduce in your business. Please be aware that we may be introducing new items to replace old functionality that is cumbersome or has become redundant. The old functionality will then be removed from TEAMS and we will identify this so that you are aware in advance that this will happen.

Screen & Report Changes – we will list in this section any changes to current screens or reports that will be available in the update.

What’s New in TEAMS

New Items

Report Scheduler – A new functionality ‘Report Scheduler’ has been added in the reporting section of TEAMS. Now, user can schedule their reports for generation later.

All the reports which are being generated server side can be scheduled to be generated later.

A tick box for ‘Schedule Report Generation’ has been added in the report parameter screen for every report that can be generated server side. A user can tick this tick box and can select date and time on which the report has to be generated in the future.

Please Note – The time which you are entering would be the QLD time because that’s where our servers are based.

IMPORTANT – Only those reports can be scheduled for future generation which are being generated on our servers (i.e. server side). Those reports cannot be scheduled for future generation which are being generated on your computer (i.e. client side).

Report Optimisation – Export xl reports in CSV

A new functionality has been added in the following reports by using which these xl reports can be generated in .csv format which makes them run faster.

A new tick box ‘Generate in CSV Mode’ has been added on the Parameter screen for the following reports. While generating these reports, a user can tick this tick box, GENERATE and the report will be generated in .csv format.

  • Starters Report

  • Current Students Report

  • Receipts Report

  • Finishers Report

  • Session Absence Report

  • Proposal Status Report

  • Student Progress Report By Modules

  • Fees Overdue Report

  • Agent Performance Report

  • Rolling Periodic Attendance Report

  • Enrolments/Proposal Processed Report

  • Student Results Listings Report

  • Age

  • Debtors Report

  • Student Performance Report

  • Invoices Report

For more information on these reports, please visit

Screen and Report Changes

Search option in Weekly Attendance Screen – A new search functionality has been added in the Weekly Attendance screen (TEAMS > Student > Academic > Weekly Attendance Screen) by using which a user can search for a specific student or enrolment.

USI Column in Finishers Report – USI Column in Finishers Report – A new USI column has been added in the Finishers Report from TEAMS > Student > General Reports 1 which displays the USI number for a student which is present in the Student Entry Screen.

Screen and Field Level Help

We have introduced the Screen and Field Level Help in TEAMS in this update as per which field level tool tips and screen level icons will appear on Report Parameter and other screens.

In this update, the screen and field level help has been introduced for 15 reports which have optimised by adding the ‘Generate in csv format’ option.

In the coming updates, we will be optimising more reports and screens as well.

Following are the screen and field level help icons that will appear.

Green Icon – Field Level Help
Purple Icon – Screen Level HTML Help
Video Icon – Screen Level Help Videos

Important News!

As you would know, this industry is always changing and growing. We make it a priority to stay as up to date on what is happening in the industry as we can. Where we read an article or an industry body such as ASQA, NCVER etc release news items, articles etc we will list the most relevant or important ones that we don’t want you to miss in this section.

I hope you enjoy and find our new newsletter informative. Please do not hesitate to contact support with any suggestions or recommendations. They can be contact on 1300 85 05 85 or

Have a great week!

From our Support Team

Recently we have been working with a number of our VFH (VET Fee Help) clients to implement their VFH features in TEAMS. We had a number of questions that clients were unsure of so we contacted the HEIMS support team to clarify them.

We were able to identify a very concerning point that a larger percentage of our VFH clients were not aware of and we wanted everyone to be aware of this.

The data that you are submitting to HEIMS (from HEPCAT) must include any and all VET students whether they are funded on the VFH scheme or not. If a student is eligible for VFH and studying a VET course/qualification or competency/module with you, whether they are receiving funding or not, their data should be in your submission.

Most of our clients were not aware of this. Some of the questions we asked on behalf of our clients to HEIMS support were:

  1. We have students’ that are funded at a State level, do they need to be included in our VFH data submissions? The answer, YES!
  2. We have students’ studying below a Diploma level, such as Cert III, Cert IV, and are eitherState funded
  3. or FFS (Fee for Service). Do they need to be included in our VFH data submissions? The answer is YES!

We have students’ studying with us only in apart time capacity, should they be included in our VFH data submissions? The answer is YES!

We have also had two of our VFH clients confirm the answer to these questions themselves by contacting HEIMS support and notifying us that they had done this and had the same answers as above.

We recommend that if you are a VFH provider pleaser evaluate your data submissions and confirm that you are indeed submitting or the expected student data that is expected. Also, if you are not using TEAMS to manage VFH data exports/submissions, consider contacting our support staff for them to show you how TEAMS can help you and build a plan for you to implement VFH in TEAMS.